My new “normal”

Since January 19, 2016, my life has drastically changed. I guess I can say I have really gotten to know myself better in these few short months. This is due to constant stress and my limits being tested.

Now, I know it as my new normal. My new normal consists of waking up three hours before I have to be somewhere so I have enough time to get sick. Not only to get sick, but to find the strength to get ready. Many people say ” But you look so good, you would never be able to tell what your going through”.  Little do they know, it took every last ounce of energy to get myself ready and dressed for the day.

My new normal also consists of taking over ten pills a day, a self injection every two weeks, and since my recent pneumonia diagnosis, two inhalers. Due to this, I pretty much carry a medicine cabinet in my purse.

I also have to be careful when I make plans for myself, or with other people. I may think I am invincible, but I am human with a chronic disease that makes me very tired. I do need my rest and have to make sure I get it all.

Unfortunately, my normal is counting how many bathroom trips I have to take. I also have to pretty much dissect food to make sure I can digest it all.

Also, I would stop reading this now if you don’t want to know the real IBD truth.. I have to sometimes take an extra pair of pants with me if it is a bad day for me and my UC.. It’s the sad shameful truth. Although, people with IBD are well aware of this issue and some people even where depends. Luckily, I have not gotten to that point yet.

Doctor appointments have also become a new routine for me. Between follow up appointments every few weeks and blood draws every two weeks it can get overwhelming.

To most, this is a living nightmare. I am still in shock and have to remind myself that this is my life. Some people have referred this to as a “hiccup”. This is not a “hiccup”. This is a nightmare that has turned into “my new normal”.

How long did it take you to accept your new life style? 

3 thoughts on “My new “normal”

  1. I had stages where this was my reality, and you do adjust. Hopefully as the Humeria works for you things will get better, and your pneumonia will clear up.

    You are still able to go to work and get out the house which is great, and long may it continue. You might just suddenly find one day that things are better and you didn’t notice a change!

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