I am struggling, but I wont stand for it!

Since January 19th, 2016 I have been struggling in every way possible. I am struggling to cope with my disease. I am struggling to recognize myself in the mirror. I am struggling to feel well. I am struggling to get my disease under control. I am struggling to do normal things. I am struggling to have energy. I am struggling fighting infections. 

Not only am I struggling, but I am failing. I am failing to feel better. I am failing to loose weight, because of the steroids. I am failing to be happy. I am failing at getting things done. 

Even though I am struggling and in my mind, failing. I am not going to sit around anymore and let something else happen. I tried to work out again, but then I got pneumonia. I failed at that too. So, as of today I ordered my new diet plan. It has changed lives and I have known several woman who have done this and it has worked wonders! I don’t think I look that bad, but I want to feel better about myself again. 

I refuse to let this disease tear me down anymore than it has and I expect nothing than wonderful things from this new diet plan that I start next week. I am determined and I refuse to “fail”. 

How has your disease effected your life? 

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