A letter to yourself

If you could write a letter to your younger self knowing what you know now; what would it say? I recently came across a old letter I wrote myself in middle school. I was supposed to look a few years back. I thought to myself “If only I knew then what I know now”.  So, I thought I would write the letter to my younger self. 

To the happy girl,

So far we have lived a good life. We have a lot of friends and have a supportive family, with a few bumps in the road. You will become a lot closer to your older sister and don’t worry, your dad will forgive you for everything you put him through. You will build the relationship with your mother and this will take some time.

Your precious dog Carmela will live a long life, but sadly your own dog, Gizmo, will leave you too soon. You will also find a new joy in your life and get another dog, Yogi, but Gizmo is always in your heart. 

Unfortunately, you will have a psycho boyfriend, who you end up getting a restraining order on. Don’t worry though, you end up meeting the love of your life. He puts up with too much. Trust him with your heart, because he loves you more than life itself. You will get your own home with him and get engaged to be married. 

You will have a very strong work ethic and land a great job being a security officer. You will love your job, but don’t forget about your passion for criminal justice that you earn a degree for. 

Sweet happy girl hear comes the bad part, on January 19, 2016 you will be diagnosed with a horrible disease. This disease is called Ulcerative Colitis. This will be with you forever. Not only will you struggle to keep it under control, it will effect your whole body along with the medicine that you take for it. Get comfortable taking a lot of pills, because thats what you need to feel better; and a self injection. It will change how you look and feel. It will make you question so much of who you are. The first year will be bad. You end up in the hospital for a while and a month later you still aren’t better. For some reason, your heart beat is way too fast. To the point where it is considered dangerous. No one knows why. 

Doctors end up putting you on a 30 day heart monitor, where there are people constantly watching your heart. No one knows why this is happening, but it may be connected to your autoimmune disease. Or, it could be something completely different.  

It will be hard and you will have some break downs. Keep an eye on yourself and just know your a survivor.


If you wrote a letter to yourself younger self what would you say? 

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