In sickness and in health

With my fiancés permission, I felt the urge to write about this day. This year has probably been the worst yet. I have been battling my own health issues since January. Latley, everything has gotten much worse. I will get into me in another post.

I am currently sitting waiting for my fiancé to come out his colonoscopy. As I have had my brave face on, I may be more scared than he is. Scared that I KNOW what the outcome could be. I sit in the waiting room trying not to look at the clock. I watch other people getting called back, but I still anxiously wait. 

Over two weeks ago I was in the room with him when his doctor said: “Lets do a colonoscopy. We just have to make sure it’s not Crohn’s.” At that moment I looked straight up at the ceiling to the light. My eyes became wet and my heart sank to my inflamed   stomach. To imagine someone I love have to suffer the way I have, would devastate me. 

Of course, he remained calm and agreed to the colonoscopy. Last night was just a bad flashback. I remember drinking that gallon of vomit and running to the bathroom all night. I remember it all. This was the only case I could think of where ” the night before” was NOT the worst part. I believed it was, but little did I know that day would change the rest of my life. 

Watching him do everything I did back in January, was very hard. It had to be worse for him, after seeing what has happened to me since. 

The doctor finally came out and butchered the last name. I didn’t care. Right here!! I shook his hand and he sat down and told me he is okay. No diseases or anything, but he needs to watch his diet. Phew! I walked back to his recovery room and saw him half awake. I sat down with him and just took everything in. We have grown so much as a couple and this year more than ever. He has gone to my doctors visits/ hospital stays and has taken care of me. I am happy to be able to repay the favor.

I helped him get dressed and he kept asking me the same questions. I didn’t mind since I work in geriatric care; I am used to this. We were both disappointed to find out his doctor didn’t have any colon photos for us! We wanted to compare damnit! 

The drive home was bittersweet. Yes, he does not have anything chronic. However, we still do not know what is upsetting his stomach besides his diet. Could that be it? Just poor diet? All that trouble and no suggestions were made besides maybe for him to stay away from dairy. He may not listen and I have already fought him on the hot sauce, but he is okay and that is all that matters. Maybe today will be his last fiesta… Not holding my breath.. 

We are both resting now, with the peace of mind that he is okay. 

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