What to say to someone who just does not get it

How many times have you had to remind the same person about your disease? You know they have not forgotten about it, but they insist that they know all about it. I have been pretty lucky with the people around me. They either understand my illness, or they don’t, but trust I know what is best for me.  

My friends basically know how my disease effects me, and if they have a question they ask. I am more than open with them about it, since they are my friends and I work with a lot of them. I feel like people in my family understand it and just trust me and my decisions. 

However, what do you do and how much patience can you have with someone who questions you?  Recently, I am struggling with someone who insists that just because certain foods doesn’t not hurt there stomach, that it would not hurt mine.. I have explained many times and reminded this person that they do not have what I have. Even if this person had the disease themselves, no two diseases are alike.

You reach a certain point that the people who want to help and understand, will. The people that think they know best, I can no longer share this infomartion with. This not IBS, this is not a stomach ache, this is not having a sensitive stomach, this is a disease. The best way to support someone is showing them that you trust them and prove it by finding ways to show them that you are here for them. 

I love when my friends send me articles about my disease. It shows me that they have read something, thought of me and want to show me that they are trying to understand. Sending information like that, instead of presisting that you know best about my Ulcerative Colitis is a much better appraoch. Or even asking questions is a huge compliment in my book. My advice to anyone dealing with this, is stop tryig to make them understand. You may have to cut it short with them. If they see you as being rude, reinforce that it is rude to claim you know my disease better than I do. 

Do you have certain people in your life that just don’t get it?  

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